Borland integrates Tibco's JMS into app server

Borland Software on Tuesday announced it is adding Tibco Software's JMS (Java Message Service) to the forthcoming release of its application server.

The move comes amid an initiative within Borland to build out its application lifecycle offerings, which has included acquisitions such as Starbase and TogetherSoft, according to Boz Elloy, vice president and general manager of enterprise solutions at Borland.

Tying the products together enables developers to pre-architect applications for improved integration.

"We're allowing our customers to consider business integration at the application design level," said Keith Goldstein, vice president of corporate alliances at Tibco.

With the combined technology from both companies, users can use Borland's app server for integration capabilities including CORBA, plus the JCA (Java Connector Architecture) bindings, according to Tom Murphy, an analyst with Meta Group.

"Businesses can build and integrate processes at the design level as they should using Rendezvous. Java provides the nuts and bolts integration, not business-process-oriented integration," Murphy said. "(Developers can) easily integrate and consume those services in Java or more likely publish services from Java into the Rendezvous hub, where they can then be put together with other components to create new workflows."

Along with embracing Tibco's JMS, Borland is replacing Sonic Software's JMS, which shipped with the Borland Enterprise Server AppServer Edition.

"We've decided to replace Sonic's JMS with Tibco's JMS in our next release," Elloy said.

Elloy cited three reasons for the switch from Sonic to Tibco: the sheer performance of Tibco's JMS; the broader opportunities that come from partnering with Tibco; and the synergy among the two companies' installed base, particularly in the three key vertical areas of telcos, financials, and ISVs.

Borland officials said the partnership actually started as a one-off opportunity approximately 18 months ago when Cisco, as a customer, required Borland to integrate the Tibco JMS into its application server.

Tibco's JMS will emerge in the next release of Borland's application server, Version 6.0, due in November.

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