SCO underwhelms Australian IT/IS management

So, in the real world of e-commerce, far away from Lindon, Utah, in places like Australia where Linux is alive and well and running--for example-- the nation’s entire domain name registry, what effect has SCO Group’s recent pronouncements and posturings and shots across the bow of the Good Ship Global Enterprise had thus far?

According to reports this week, the CTO of AusRegistry, Chris Wright, has been following developments closely…and has concluded that The SCO Group’s tactics of attempting to unsettle commercial users of Linux about the legality of continuing to use it without a UnixWare license from SCO are “not really going to succeed.” So the answer is, in Australia anyway, very little effect.

From Australia, Kieran O'Shaughnessy, SCO Group’s local representative, has let it be known that while SCO reserves its right to pursue legal action as a last resort, the current thinking is that corporate Linux users will come to their senses, as he would see it, and snap up UnixWare licenses lickety-split.

The reality, it should be said, is that exactly two Australian companies contacted him thus far. So his notion of hoping that SCO will be able to persuade corporate users in the normal commercial way--i.e., “through discussion, negotiation and coming to legal arrangements”--is so far turning out to be somewhat lofty.

Maybe at some point the SCO Group will announce a deadline by which time Linux users have to get licensed up, but so far there’s none, and there’s not even a pricing structure. So all in all Chris Wright is probably correct merely to go on using Linux for AusRegistry’s databases, e-mail hosting, and some of its desktops, and worry about Linux and SCO’s demands about UnixWare licenses another day.

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