Immature IT 'pays more for less': Slee

While companies struggle to better utilise technology in an attempt to "do more with less" the reality is they are "paying more and knowing less", according to Oracle Australia's business and technology solutions director Roland Slee.

Speaking at a roundtable debate titled 'Information versus Technology' hosted by EMC, Slee branded the IT industry immature: one that has hardly left the starting blocks when it comes to providing timely, accurate information.

Companies, he said, want accurate, timely, consolidated information that enables immediate decision making, adding, "Vendors are typically very good at talking about what they can do, but not very keen to tell you what they can't do."

Slee said information today is still poorly delivered and inaccurate because there are too many systems.

"There are hundreds of systems inside every enterprise because they are implemented through business sections such as HR or sales or there is fragmentation by geography with them installed via regions such as Singapore or North America; the result is fragmented data," he said.

Every system creates ongoing maintenance costs with Slee estimating companies are paying a "small fortune", which is why there has been a global shift toward consolidation.

The solution to an enormously complex problem, he said, is in the adoption of grid computing because ineffective consolidation can be more expensive.

Slee said grid computing centralises and delivers on low cost infrastructure and the risk of losing critical information is also addressed because it is a fault tolerant environment.

"In Australia only a modest number of companies have moved to grid computing, Cairns City Council is one example, but that's because it is only a few years old and is still a radical proposition; but I estimate widespread adoption over the next two years," he said.

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