DEWR signs e-mail management deal

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) plans to implement a system to improve the performance and management of its e-mail backup and restore systems.

Quantum Corp officials said the department has placed an order for a DX30 enhanced backup system and plans to have the system fully implemented with assistance from SecureData Group within weeks.

A statement issued by Quantum said that the department recognised that the backup and restoration of network drives was becoming a major issue with usage resulting in the overloading of network storage with huge Microsoft Outlook files.

The project, which a SecureData official said is worth about $120,000, will provide staff with a self-managing e-mail content service which will relieve staff from archiving their own e-mails and at the same time free up valuable network space and enabling high-speed retrieval of archived mail.

DEWR's director data services, Tony Tyler, said disk-based backup was the solution to its growing e-mail problem and would enable the department to keep e-mails online for much longer before having to archive them to tape.

The new generation DX30 system, with its fibre channel interface, acts as a buffer between the mail servers and the tape libraries and is managed directly by the department’s backup software.

Quantum's statement said the DX30 will also "complement the automatic e-mail archiving services provided by the department’s data back up tool by removing archived e-mail from the network drives and placing it on the DX30 freeing up network storage".

Tyler said: "While physically a disk array, the cleverness of the DX30 makes it appear as a bank of additional tape drives to our CommVault Galaxy backup solution.

"This means we can slot it into our existing storage infrastructure platform and keep two or three months of e-mails on the DX30, then archive to tape at leisure. Pressure is released on Exchange disk storage and our network server storage will no longer be overloaded by staff archiving their own e-mails. A shrinking backup window for both e-mail and network storage is alleviated and the tape library becomes a real archive device which is ideal."

Tyler said that, because e-mails will be managed independently by the e-mail system, the department's users can quickly recover individual e-mails from the DX30 in a fraction of the time it would take us to restore from tape.

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