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  • 07 July, 2003 10:41

<p>New Merant Mover Reduces Costs, Improves Efficiency, Manageability and Security of Software Code Transfer</p>
<p>SYDNEY and HILLSBORO, Ore. — 7 July 2003 — Merant (NASDAQ: MRNT; LSE: MRN), a leading provider of software and services that deliver flexible control of code, content and other business-critical assets, today announced the availability of Merant Mover, a powerful new tool for automating the deployment of software code. Merant Mover slashes the costs and eliminates the errors associated with manual asset transfer, while improving development productivity, quality, manageability and security.</p>
<p>Merant Mover’s ability to bridge the gaps between development, test and production environments enables organisations to more effectively manage the entire development lifecycle of legacy, custom and web applications, thereby improving overall production efficiency and lowering costs. With Merant Mover, development organisations can now take advantage of centralised control, scheduling, auditing, pre- and post-deployment commands, simple asset selection and flexible options for software deployment requirements.</p>
<p>“Merant Mover is the first deployment solution that actually complements and extends the capabilities of an organisation’s existing development tools. As a result, it delivers an unbeatable combination of functionality, flexibility and value,” said David Balazsy, Director of Merant for Australia and New Zealand. “Our ability to deliver integrated, automated deployment capabilities is another example of our ongoing effort to bring customers the benefits of closed-loop change management.”</p>
<p>Unlike many competitive products, Merant Mover works with a wide variety of third-party development solutions to improve the actual deployment of software code for testing, staging and production. It also seamlessly integrates with the industry-leading Merant Dimensions and PVCS Version Manager change management solutions to enable simple, rapid and error-free deployment control across Windows, UNIX and mainframe platforms. By eliminating manual tasks and adding tighter control and visibility into this deployment process, Merant Mover increases productivity and ensures accountability for an entire development organisation.</p>
<p>“Companies constantly struggle with a broad range of software management issues that ultimately result in decreased productivity, lower revenues and higher costs,” noted Melinda Ballou, senior research analyst at META Group. “Most of these problems can be directly traced to inadequate controls or manual processes, allowing code management tools — in conjunction with more rigorous processes — to pay for themselves by minimising or eliminating these issues. There has been a large gap in control between code development and deployment within many organisations.”</p>
<p>Merant Mover offers development organisations numerous key features and benefits, including:</p>
<p>Centralised Control
Merant Mover centralises administration of server setup, deployment mapping, asset selection, and scheduling into a single browser-based GUI, significantly reducing manual setup costs and subsequent maintenance, and eliminating the need for myriad deployment scripts.</p>
Deployment tasks can be scheduled to start at any time, making it easy to coordinate deployments in advance of deadlines. By scheduling recurring tasks, regular activities such as the transfer of nightly development builds to QA are completed automatically.</p>
Deployment integrity can be verified using automatically generated log files for complete traceability and accountability. Merant Mover also provides email notification options for deployment errors or successful deployment completion.</p>
<p>Pre- and Post-Deploy Commands
Merant Mover facilitates running executables, such as batch files or command line actions, as part of a pre- or post-deployment activity, either on the originating Mover server, or on deployment destination servers. This can be used for compiling code such as JAR files post-deployment on the target server, or for initiating subsequent processes such as distribution by Tivoli or Microsoft SMS after deployment.</p>
<p>Simple Asset Selection
Merant Mover simplifies deployment setups via seamless integration with Merant Dimensions and PVCS Version Manager, Merant’s industry leading change management tools. Merant Mover also supports transferring assets from any third-party software configuration management products.</p>
<p>Secure FTP Deployment
Merant Mover also ensures all digital assets are fully protected when deploying to an FTP server. Merant Mover deploys assets through firewalls, using a number of secure communication protocols, including SOCKS4/5 and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).</p>
<p>Mirror Deployment
Mirror deployment transfers assets to multiple network locations simultaneously, saving time and significantly reducing the risk of manual transfer errors. Simply by initiating a single deployment activity, files can be automatically deployed to all mirror sites at one time.</p>
Merant Mover is available in July 2003. For more information, please visit our frequently asked questions.</p>
<p>About Merant
Merant delivers the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive enterprise change management solutions. Already in use at more than 16,000 organisations across the globe, Merant’s products and services dramatically enhance the productivity, quality and ROI of customers’ technology initiatives by allowing them to quickly and cost-effectively track, manage and control modifications in business-critical information assets. For more information, please visit</p>
<p>For further information please contact:</p>
<p>David Balazsy Merant 03 9522 4404
Shuna Boyd BoydPR 02 9418 8100</p>

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