Compuware tool monitors IM traffic

Compuware is set for an official release Monday of the next version of its NetworkVantage management software, which can be used to monitor traffic that flows through an organization's wide area network (WAN).

In the latest version, made available to customers earlier this month, the software has the ability to gauge network traffic derived from the use of instant messaging applications as well as online file-sharing services, two applications that are blamed for hogging valuable bandwidth.

"With (NetworkVantage) you can tell where your traffic is going, how much of it comes from each application, what percentage of your WAN it is taking up, who your users are," said Lloyd Bloom, product manager for NetworkVantage .

NetworkVantage reports on traffic from instant messaging software vendors including America Online Inc., Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc. and IBM Corp., as well as traffic moved over the Internet by file-swapping service Kazaa. It can be tuned to track other file-sharing services, Bloom said.

Instant messaging and file-swapping are just two of more than 2,000 applications and protocols that can be monitored using NetworkVantage. It can also be used to monitor enterprise applications such as those from SAP AG and Oracle Corp., as well as to gather data used to analyze security breaches, the company said.

Compuware in Farmington Hills, Michigan, makes a variety of software products that can be used by organizations to watch the traffic that flows through their networks and record various statistics about the data.

NetworkVantage is available for Windows XP Professional in addition to Windows 2000 and NT. Pricing starts at US$26,500.

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