IT receives a project-planning file from a consultant who used a newer version of the software IT has. When IT tries to open it, he gets an error message: “To open this file, you need a converter that you can download from our Web site.” IT clicks “Yes” — and is taken to a Web page that informs him, “You are expecting to download a file converter. Unfortunately, the converter does not exist, and there are no plans to develop one.”

This IT shop’s migration to a product’s new version has stalled because the tech team needs more details on how to migrate, says an administrator on the scene. “The migration notes are buried in the help system,” sighs IT. “And the help system can be viewed only after installing the product.”


IT contractor spends weeks working with a vendor team to get a complex backup process for the customer’s new HR/payroll system up and running. Backup finally works, and IT contractor asks the manager in charge of the vendor team when they can start on the restore test. “Restore of the backup image is not part of our offering,” manager shrugs. “We only back it up.”


A female systems programmer has filed suit against Oracle alleging that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted, harassed and discriminated against by her former male supervisor and the company did nothing to help or protect her after she reported him. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the woman, identified as “Barbara Doe” to protect her privacy, in California Superior Court in Alameda County by her attorney, John Winer. The lawsuit alleges violations of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act because the plaintiff was forced to endure a hostile work environment, quid pro quo sexual harassment and sex and national ethnic origins discrimination. It further alleges that she was retaliated against, sexually battered, assaulted, defamed and had intentional emotional distress inflicted upon her, as well as having her privacy invaded by her former supervisor, Mahesh Anand, who has since left the company and is also named as a defendant in the suit. The alleged sexual assaults began when the plaintiff’s husband was out of the country in January this year. Anand called “Barbara” into his office and asked her a series of “personal and offensive” questions about her sex life and sexual preferences and allegedly went to her house and sexually assaulted her when she did not come to work the next day.

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