Telstra launches antispam, antivirus product

Telstra Wholesale has joined forces with Trend Micro and Brightmail to launch its own product to combat spam and e-mail virus problems for Internet service provider (ISP) customers.

The new Telstra Wholesale Safe Internet product is designed to block spam and dispose of SMTP e-mail viruses before they enter a customer's network, a Telstra official said.

Describing the spam problem as an epidemic, Telstra Wholesale head of products, Martin Mercer, said the product intercepts affected e-mail in the Telstra network and means wholesale customers do not require software updates.

Other features include: Storage saver - the product catches virus and spam before they enter wholesale customer networks, saving them bandwidth, administration resources and e-mail storage

* Choice of models - lets wholesale customers offer their end users the flexibility of opting in or opting out of the service;

* Portal activation system - easy activation of the product via a web portal;

* Carrier grade - all product platform hardware is installed in carrier-grade facilities providing optimum performance and reliability;

* Detailed reporting - enables wholesale customers to access virus and spam statistics, message volumes and subscriber numbers.

The Trend Micro technology will either delete the infected file or repair the damage that the virus has caused to the e-mail. Mercer said this service is backed by Trend Micro's enterprise protection strategy that reduces the time, costs and damage associated with a virus outbreak.

The new antispam solution is powered by the patented Brightmail technology which uses sophisticated grouping algorithms, the Brightmail Probe NetworkTM, a network of strategically placed e-mail addresses and pattern matching to keep pace with constantly evolving spam.

Brightmail has seen the percentage of spam grow over the last two years from 8 per cent in January 2001 to 45 per cent in January 2003 (from Brightmail customer base - February 2003).

In detecting both spam and viruses, Telstra Wholesale's new antispam, antivirus product does not open e-mails but instead checks things like the e-mail header and the names of file extensions belonging to attachments, to maintain customer privacy.

ISPs will simply need to re-route e-mails for their nominated domains to the product platform. Customers need to ensure that they have followed industry practices for ensuring their own mail server security. The product uses a First Wave Pty Ltd platform.

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