Telstra expects new solution to be a hit with IT support staff

Telstra has launched a new remote networking solution, with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sensis, the first to sign up, with more than 500 of their sales force expected to be actively using the solution by the end of the year.

Described by the telco as "vastly different to other remote working solutions as it uses faster and more secure non-Internet facing ADSL technology", it expects its Telstra Remote Working to be popular for a range of users including mobile and IT support staff.

"[Telstra expects the solution to be popular] for IT support staff who need to solve urgent technical problems and require access to the network outside of normal working hours", said Paul Geason, Telstra’s executive director of data and network services.

A statement issued by the telco, said the solution "enables users to connect to their corporate network from home without entering the public domain", and facilitates "greater productivity by providing business customers with an easy-to-use, secure, reliable and cost-effective service".

Geason said both cost and security heavily influenced IT purchasing decisions when organisations considered remote access for staff to corporate networks and the Internet.

He said there are potential productivity benefits for both large organisations as well as small businesses which depend heavily on flexible staffing arrangements and are less able to absorb the impact of staff absences.

In a statement issued by Telstra, Hans Gierens, group IT manager, Sensis, said the company was looking for a remote working solution that was cost effective, fast and increased staff efficiency.

Gierens said the need for staff to travel back to base to access their system and download or enter important data involved a lot of 'wasted' time that adversely impacted on business.

"This meant around two or three hours were lost out of their day which they had to make up.

"With Telstra Remote Working we are not only able to offer our staff a more flexible working alternative, but also turn downtime into productive time, and create a much more efficient working environment.”

Geason said Telstra Remote Working was charged at a standard monthly fee, which included unlimited usage between the employee’s home and their corporate network.

He said technical support is "easily integrated into existing IT helpdesk structures" and administration time is minimised by providing all Remote Working employee accounts on one bill.

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