Leaked report slams rail systems

A state Cabinet budget committee report into NSW's rail network has called for the appointment of a systems administrator "as a matter of urgency" to cobble together disparate data.

The damning critique by Department of Transport executive and contractor Brendan Godfrey said the rail network is in disarray due to the absence of a register of assets and a single, integrated financial management system.

According to the report, which was leaked to media before going to Cabinet, there is currently a complex data collection system at the Rail Infrastructure Corporation with more than 18,000 database access points and about 1500 users.

While recommending the implementation of a seamless integrated solution, a spokeswoman for the NSW Transport Minister Michael Costa said a problem cannot be fixed by simply throwing money at it.

She said the minister has arranged an immediate meeting with Godfrey to discuss the report as Costa is taking the report seriously and will consider the recommendations.

"The minister's first priority is to restructure management, then look at capital expenditure," she said.

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