Commerce One boosts Web services development

Seeking to boost adoption of Web services, Commerce One Inc. on Tuesday is releasing an open-source, royalty-free development kit for Web services, SOAP, and XML. The DocSOAP XML Development Kit is intended to provide developers with XML and SOAP tools to take advantage of Web services technology, particularly for handling large business documents associated with e-commerce integration and the development of composite applications.

The kit, also known as DocSOAP XDK, is designed to address the handling of potentially large XML and non-XML documents. Kit components include UniParser, which is an XML compiler for parsing and validating XML documents; Xgen, an XML Java bean generator making it easier for Java programmers to manipulate XML documents; Document Framework APIs, for manipulating XML documents through DOM, SAX, and Bean interfaces; and DocSOAP Framework APIs, for generating and processing SOAP messages that conform to SOAP versions 1.1 and 1.2, SOAP with Attachments, and DIME.

The kit is available at

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