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A summary of recent announcements from Juniper Networks

  • 05 December, 2003 09:25

<p>Tokyo University sets bandwidth record at SC2003 with Juniper Networks</p>
<p>26 November 2003 – Tokyo University has set a new bandwidth speed record between Japan and the US using Juniper’s T320 routing platform. The university team recorded a maximum bandwidth of 7.56 Gbps over a 24,000 kilometres (15,000 mile) route that crossed the Pacific Ocean three times between the US and a university site in Tokyo. The team won the category at a speed of 181,440 terabit-meter/second by combining hardware and software technologies to resolve latency over TCP.</p>
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<p>Finnet selects Ericsson for IP backbone network expansion</p>
<p>25 November 2003 - Finnet is expanding its IP backbone network with Ericsson's Packet Backbone Network (PBN) solution, equipped with Juniper Networks routing products. The network expansion will enable Finnet's network operator, Finnish 2G Ltd., to handle increased data traffic while increasing the network's reliability and availability.</p>
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<p>Juniper Networks opens new office in Western Japan</p>
<p>20 November 2003 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced the extension of its service outreach to western Japanese customers with the opening of a new office in the western regional center of Osaka.</p>
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<p>Citylink Transforms Nationwide Network in Sweden with Deployment of Juniper Networks Routing Platforms</p>
<p>19 November 2003 - Citylink, one of the largest alternative carriers in Sweden, has deployed Juniper Networks Infranet-ready M-series routing platforms to improve reliability and availability in its nationwide network.</p>
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<p>Juniper Networks T-series routing platforms selected by SCinet Architecture Team for Supercomputing Conference high performance core network for third consecutive year</p>
<p>17 November 2003 - Juniper Networks T640 and T320 form the core, the network built to support the SC2003 High Performance Network and Computing Conference. All SC2003 network traffic, including supercomputer applications being run by researchers participating in the SC2003, will transit Juniper Networks routing platforms.</p>
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<p>Japan's HOTnet selects Juniper Networks for new 10-Gigabit MPLS network</p>
<p>11 November 2003 - Japanese service provider, Hokkaido Telecommunications Network Co. (HOTnet), is transforming its regional wide area network to a 10-Gigabit Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) architecture based on routing platforms from Juniper Networks.</p>
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<p>Tiscali France transforms broadband services using Juniper Networks solutions</p>
<p>4 November 2003 - Tiscali France has transformed its broadband service offerings with the deployment of Juniper Networks M- and T-series routing platforms, allowing it to support the massive increase in ADSL subscriptions and scale its infrastructure to meet future growth demands.</p>
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<p>Juniper Networks enhances Service-Built Edge portfolio with M7i and M10i</p>
<p>3 November 2003 – Juniper Networks has introduced the Juniper Networks M7i and M10i routing platforms to enhance its Infranet-ready Service-built Edge portfolio. These compact platforms extend the benefits of the Service-built Edge to small- and medium-sized Points of Presence (POPs), campus networks and managed services environments. The M7i and M10i are ideal for providers looking to transform their legacy edge infrastructure and upgrade to a more scalable, feature-rich solution.</p>
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