IBM, SuSE roll out grid tool kit

Bolstering its mainframe-based grid computing strategy IBM on Monday announced that the Globus Toolkit is now available for Linux on its zSeries.

The new toolkit, which IBM will make available through SuSE Linux as part of that company's SuSE Enterprise Server 8.0, is part of an evolving strategy designed to make mainframes a more strategic part of grid computing.

"With this announcement IBM is helping enable a pretty powerful Linux platform that can now more fully participate in grids. There is the potential now for a great leap in computer power,'' said HolgerDryoff, general manager of the Americas for SuSe Linux AG in Oakland , Ca.

Some of the zSeries higher end capabilities now enabled for the grid include Dynamic Server Partitioning, which provides the ability to deploy and configure new grid servers in minutes, grid scheduler and directory software, which increases service levels, and IBM's z/VM virtualization technology, which allows administrators to create hundreds of virtual Linux-based servers.

IBM and SuSE had some help in pushing the fortunes of Linux and grid computing on mainframes as two other prominent developers, DataSynapse Inc. and Platform Computing Inc., rolled out products on Monday as well.

DataSynapse, a grid middleware maker delivered its LiveCluster 3G for Linux also on IBM's zSeries. LiveCluster is intended to address a number of compute and data-intensive bottlenecks and scalability constraints. The product does so by more efficiently harnessing the capabilities of servers, clusters and desktops anywhere on a network, a company spokesman said.

Platform Computing delivered of three Linux-based products for zSeries including Platform LSF, which is designed to provide on-demand access to an enterprise's global compute resources.

The company also announced Platform JobScheduler for accelerating batch processing by integrating and grid-enabling silos of applications and the flow of processes across server clusters, and Platform MultiCluster, which allows larger companies to create a single computing environment with built-in resource sharing policies.

"We see the availability of the Globus Toolkit For Linux on mainframes as passing an important milestone in Grid Computing's evolution. With the support of IBM and SuSe we think this will help continue to speed the adoption of Grid computing,'' said Ian Foster of the Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago.

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