What’s new in the Bootstrap 4 web development framework

The mobile-first framework uses Sass variables and mixins, the Bootstrap grid system, and prebuilt components

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Version 4 of the Bootstrap web development framework has just moved to a general release, with improvements in print styles and Sass.

The open source Bootstrap uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for developing mobile-first websites. Developers can build applications using Sass variables and mixins, the Bootstrap grid system, and prebuilt components.

Where to download Bootstrap 4

You can download version 4 from the Bootstrap website.

Bootstrap’s new features

Capabilities in the general release of version 4 include:

  • Updates to print styles and utility classes, with printed pages now rendered to ensure reasonable sizing rather than being rendered as mobile devices. Also, print display utilities offer new display values to match standard display utilities.
  • It is now easier to add borders or border subsets to components.
  • Maps for the Sass CSS extension have been updated. Developers now can add, remove, or replace key-value pairs across CSS.
  • Responsive classes have been added for greater control over the flexbox grid. These include the .order-0 and .order-last classes.
  • Improvements to reuse and extension of variables.
  • Code cleanup.

Bootstrap builders also have overhauled examples, which help developers use the framework. The Album example, for instance, has improved rendering and adds more content in photo cards. There’s also a new Pricing example, for building a pricing table.

Bootstrap 4 has been in development for several years, with an alpha release arriving in August 2015 and three beta releases detailed last year.

What’s next for Bootstrap

The planned Bootstrap 4.1 release is slated to focus on areas including utilities and font sizes. This release, or perhaps a 4.0.1 patch release, might also address a bug in table variants, including .table-active, which has resulted in double application of a background color. Additionally, Bootstrap Themes, for extending the framework, will be updated this year.

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