Sarvega releases XML switch management tool

Sarvega Inc. this week announced software for configuring and managing its XML switches.

The company makes hardware that offloads compute-intensive XML processing chores from traditional Web servers. Its XPE 2000 Switch, announced in November, tackles XML acceleration, security and routing. New to the vendor’s product lineup is XESOS Studio, a stand-alone software suite for simplifying XPE 2000 rollouts.

XESOS Studio provides a centralized console with wizard-based tools for configuring, deploying and managing XML acceleration, security and routing settings in a distributed network of XPE 2000 switches. Users can apply settings and rules to multiple XPE 2000 appliances in a single operation, without interrupting switch operations.

For example, a company might choose to alter a routing rule which specifies that all purchase orders valued over US$1 million be sent to a specific server, or an XML acceleration setting which specifies that customer-related data be formatted according to a certain XML style sheet. With a single command, companies can update all Sarvega devices to adhere to the new rules, says John Chirapurath, cofounder and vice president of marketing at Sarvega.

In the past, there was no way to configure and manage multiple XPE switches in a single operation, Chirapurath says. "In the absence of something like XESOS Studio, users physically had to walk up to every single appliance, connect a monitor to it, launch a command line interface or a Web interface, and physically configure that switch," he says.

XESOS Studio is based on the open-source Eclipse software development platform. In going with Eclipse, Sarvega joins a number of other application and platform vendors, including Borland Software Corp. and IBM Corp., that have adopted common integrated development environments (IDE) that they can plug products into instead of investing in creating their own proprietary development infrastructure from scratch.

XESOS Studio is available now and ships with Sarvega’s XPE 2000 devices. Alternatively, users can manage Sarvega’s XPE 2000 Switch via command line or Web interfaces and SNMP, Sarvega says.

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