Cutting resumes to bits

It's winter for IT job prospects out there. So commiserate with the unfortunate HR manager charged with the task of sorting through a towering pile of paper-based resumes. This is where resume sorters, tools for electronically sifting through resumes, can help stem the flood of candidates.

The vast amount and diversity of resumes creates problems for organisations including costly manual data entry, long turn-around time for data capture, poor online application experiences for candidates, and lack of access to pertinent data. However, database vendor Oracle has joined forces with software vendor Mohomine to offer their mutual customers a tool which they claim will streamline the process of candidate selection.

Mohomine has integrated its Resume Extractor tool, which converts text into enterprise applications, with Oracle9i iRecruitment, a component of Oracle's human resources management system (HRMS) and the Oracle E-Business Suite. The vendors claim this will enable resume content parsing for documents written in various styles and formats.

The new tool, a combination of Oracle iRecruitment and Mohomine Resume Extractor, works by reducing the number of resources needed to reformat and enter resume data during the recruiting cycle and automating the process of extracting information from resumes. The extractor uses pattern recognition technology with "learning-by-example" techniques from within a single system environment. It accepts various input formats including Word, PDF, Text, HTML, RTF and e-mail/POP access and outputs resumes into parsed XML, using HR-XML standards.

Neil Senturia, chairman at Mohomine said, "Most often the success of a company is dependent on its ability to hire new and valuable talent to remain cutting edge. We are pleased that Oracle recognises this, and sees the importance in extending our technology to its Oracle HRMS customers."

IT demand decreasesEvery IT position advertised in 2001 registered a 50 per cent or greater decrease in demand, and just 196 of the 2546 IT skill attributes (or 7 per cent of skills), recorded an increase in demand. Companies no longer have the inflated IT recruitment needs of the past two to three years which means that, in this candidate-rich market, job seekers need to differentiate themselves from other candidates. Icon Recruitment suggests becoming a business analyst as an IT differentiator with an average annual salary about $75,290.

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