SAP offers new homeland security product

SAP AG has launched a new software product to help government agencies meet homeland security requirements.

The product, Security Resource Management, is designed to support processes necessary for homeland security, including border security, emergency preparedness and response, countermeasures, information analysis and external coordination, the Walldorf, Germany, software company said Wednesday in a statement.

The software is based on SAP's e-government technology already deployed by key federal agencies involved in the homeland security effort, including the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy and the Port Authority of New York, as well as state and local governments, the company said.

The technical framework for SAP's Security Resource Management software is the company's NetWeaver technology, which provides, among other things, systems interoperability across heterogeneous IT infrastructures, according to SAP.

In addition, the homeland security software offers specialized tools. For instance, the border security and global trade services tools allow agencies to track and manage people, vessels, aircraft, vehicles and cargo with integrated business intelligence and alert features, while analyzing business transactions for information about people or businesses on the government "watch" or "denied persons" lists, the company said.

Security Resource Management software also provides emergency response functionality that enables wireless access and incident tracking for first responders managing large-scale disaster recovery projects, according to SAP.

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