Borland to roll out J2EE testing tool

Borland on Tuesday plans to announce Borland Optimizeit ServerTrace, providing component-level diagnostic capabilities for J2EE application development.

The tool provides testing teams with a high-level overview of where application time and resources are being spent. After identifying affected components, testers can drill down to identify and report performance problems in specific lines of code, according to Borland.

"Optimizeit ServerTrace is a testing tool that's designed to give high-level insight into the performance of J2EE systems. The goal there is to reduce the cost of developing, deploying, and operating these J2EE systems," said Borland's Bill Pataky, director of product management and marketing.

"Performance of J2EE systems is very difficult to diagnose and this product simplifies the testing process," by providing easily understood information about how time and resources are being spent in a multitiered Java application, Pataky said. The multitiered nature of Java applications involves using elements such as Java Server Pages, Enterprise Java Beans and database calls, he said.

"It's very difficult to measure where time is being spent in these systems," said Pataky.

Optimizeit ServerTrace has a feature called Automatic Application Quality Analyzer that provides predictive performance analysis by looking at how code is written around J2EE components. Overall performance is viewed through an interface called J2EE Systems Dashboard.

Annalyst Thomas Murphy, senior program director at Meta Group, said Borland's announcement was not earth-shattering, but the product will provide J2EE developers with testing capabilities that are growing in importance.

"There is a growing role for developers to be involved in the testing process," Murphy said. "Often, testing gets thrown over the wall and given to someone in QA or operations, but companies want developers to take on testing. There's a need to have tools that help profile, to understand what's going on."

Optimizeit ServerTrace extends the Optimizeit Suite product line by providing application performance testing, Pataky said. Optimizeit previously has focused on providing profiles into code, he said.

Shipping Tuesday, Optimizeit ServerTrace starts in price at US$20,000 for a single server license.

Asked if Borland plans a similar offering for Microsoft development platforms, Pataky said "Borland is certainly committed to supporting the .Net platforms but I can't announce any product plans going in that direction at this time."

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