Review time

The new calendar year usually brings performance reviews. If you haven't undergone one yet, your turn may be coming soon.

You probably already have a pretty good idea of where things stand with your boss. Managers should provide feedback and let you know about problems as they occur rather than let them fester, though that might not always happen. Even so, the performance review and salary discussion may not be something you're looking forward to.

With that in mind, I rounded up some tips on preparing for the review and getting the most from the process:

  • Consult's specific advice about how you can be prepared.

    Click here and choose "Negotiation Clinic" then select "The Performance Review."

    The article recommends documenting your accomplishments and saving a file of praise or compliments for a job well done.

    Finally, listen to feedback carefully and objectively. also offers a performance review tool you can use to gauge your accomplishments. You'll find the self-appraisal tool here (Registration is required) .

  • Head to workforce diversity site for developing a good self-appraisal and assessing how well you met various job objectives. Linda Bates Parker, president of the Black Career Women professional development organization, suggests asking to see a copy of the appraisal form that will be used. Along with preparing to speak about your accomplishments, you should also be ready to talk about your developmental needs.

  • Electronic Design offers advice that applies to any technical professional. Click here for recommendations about how to resolve things if you and your boss disagree about aspects of your performance or contributions.

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