Startup changes name, launches security appliance

Teros is popping on the scene as an old start-up with a new name that is offering a way to protect networks from malicious Web traffic.

As it changes its name from Stratum8 Networks Inc., Teros is introducing Teros-100 Application Protection System version 2.0, a Linux-based appliance that sits behind a corporate firewall and scans all data going by.

The device monitors traffic and, based on a set of rules supplied by Teros, looks for patterns that indicate malicious behavior. It then suggests rules that customers could put in place to block the dangerous traffic. After a period of monitoring, Teros-100's filters are turned on to actually block malicious traffic.

As the device learns of more suspicious traffic patterns, it suggests more rules.

Teros has developed two software applications that can run on Teros-100 to perform specific security functions. SafeCommerce blocks attempts to lift credit card numbers from e-commerce Web servers. SafeAccess monitors the strength of user passwords and issues alerts when it finds passwords that need strengthening.

The device can support multiple security policies so customers can set one security policy for a particular Web application and set a different one for another application.

The device can also block attempts to alter Web pages. If pages are somehow changed, Teros-100 will redirect users to an alternate Web page. This prevents, for example, prices on an e-commerce site from being changed and having those inaccurate prices published to potential customers.

The device supports Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, which means pairs of Teros-100s can be configured so if one fails, the other takes over.

Teros-100 terminates SSL sessions and pools the SSL handshakes needed to proxy the sessions to the Web servers it protects. This can reduce the volume of traffic that reaches the actual Web servers by 80 percent.

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