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Secure Virtual Network

Secure Virtual Network (SVN) architecture secures business-to-business communications between networks, systems, applications and users across the Internet, intranets and extranets.

It includes network security (Firewall-1, VPN-1, Provider-1, Open Security Manager and Check Point Real Secure), traffic control (FloodGate-1 and ConnectControl) and IP infrastructure management (MetaIP).

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1800 245 768

Computer Associates

eTrust Anti-Virus

CA's e portfolio of security solutions includes eTrust Anti-Virus, which features a free bi-weekly auto-update of the latest virus signatures, while the built-in heuristics engine identifies new strains of viruses as they emerge.

The Internet Protection Option provides Internet gateway protection to prevent viruses and malicious Java and ActiveX applets from entering the network via SMTP, FTP, HTTP, and other widely used protocols. eTrust Anti-Virus scans compressed file archives and Internet downloads, including ZIP, ARJ, and Microsoft Compressed formats. Optional settings enable detection and cure of viruses in e-mail, database documents, and file attachments even while the messaging systems are live and running. Security features prevent infected workstations from infecting file servers, isolate users who attempt to move infected files over the network and identify the internal source of a virus.

Pricing: Flat, server-based pricing: $1096 per NT server for unlimited users and sessions Contact: 1800 224 Australia CommSecure WebCommSecure adds a secure payments section to a Web site.

Benefits include reduced transaction costs, real-time processing, easy implementation, fulfilment data, customer information linked to back-end systems and direct banking.

Pricing: (installation and service fee) $1500Contact: (02) 9440 Australia Go Secure! for Microsoft ExchangeeSign Australia's Go Secure! works with VeriSign's On Site managed public key infrastructure (PKI) service, to allow end users to acquire and use digital certificates for authentication and encryption of e-mails. eSign digital certificates are based on S/MIME - the industry-standard messaging protocol for securing e-mail. Users can send and receive secure e-mail digital certificates to and from other people who may use a mix of Outlook 98 + 2000, Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, Worldtalk or other S/MIME-compatible e-mail clients.

Pricing: varies depending on the number of users and starts at 500 users.

Contact: (03) 9674 5500


Gateway Micro Server

The Gateway Micro Server's packet-filtering firewall allows Network Address Translation to hide internal network addresses from the Internet. With support for up to 150 users and the capacity to handle thousands of e-mails a day and one million Web hits, the Gateway Micro Server is suitable for organisations of all sizes, according to company officials.

Pricing: Starting at $2999 inc tax

Contact: 1800 500 742

Lotus Development

Antimalicious security in Notes versions 4.5 and laterAntimalicious security in Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino release 4.5 and all later versions have security controls that manage the execution of foreign elements in e-mail. This control is available via the Execution Control List (ECL) that lets users protect their data against threats of e-mail bombs, viruses, Trojan horses, and unwanted application intrusions. The ECL determines if the action the executable wants to perform is allowed on the PC.

Lotus recommends that all Notes and Domino system administrators only allow trusted signatures to execute anything on the Notes client. Pricing: Estimated retail price for Domino Application Server is $2764, ERP for Domino Mail Server is $1070, ERP for Notes R5 for Messaging is $85 per user, ERP for Notes R5 for Collaboration is $116 per user.

Contact:1800 252 408

Network Associates

Active Virus Defense

This is a multi-tiered virus protection solution. VirusScan, together with NetShield, GroupShield, WebShield, and the management tool set, provide a suite for desktops, file servers, groupware, and Internet gateways. VirusScan provides protection for desktop machines.

NetShield, an antivirus solution for NetWare, NT and Unix servers detects virus-infected files transmitted to and from servers while scanning for viruses that may already exist in other server locations.

WebShield software scans all inbound and outbound e-mail and Web traffic passing through a corporate Internet gateway.

GroupShield for Notes and GroupShield for Exchange protects groupware and e-mail products.

E-policy Orchestrator allows administrators to manage and enforce antivirus policies transparently.

Pricing: $51 per node for 1001-plus users. Some components available separately.

Contact: 1800 644 646

RSA Security


This solution provides centrally managed, two-factor user authentication services for enterprise networks, operating systems, e-commerce Web sites and other IT infrastructure, ensuring that only authorised users access data, applications and communications. RSA SecurID two-factor authentication is based on a password or PIN, and an authenticator.

Authentication devices supported include hardware tokens, key fobs, smart cards and software tokens. RSA SecurID installations are managed through RSA ACE/Server authentication management software, providing the ability to scale deployments from 25 users to hundreds of thousands of users.

Pricing: RRP is about $5.80 a user per month over three years for a 1000-user, ACE/Server licence and SecurID Tokens.

Contact: (02) 9955 0601


Sophos Anti-Virus

Sophos Anti-Virus includes InterCheck technology and provides virus detection across a wide range of operating systems, including Windows NT/2000, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1x, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OS/2, OpenVMS, AIX, SCO and Compaq Tru64 Unix.

Licences are sold on an annual basis and include monthly CD updates, downloadable fixes for new viruses as required, and free unlimited 24-hour technical support.

Sophos also offers protection for Exchange and Lotus Domino servers with server-based scanners.

Pricing: One server, 10 users $990, 50 users $1490Contact: (02) 9212 Australia Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Solution 4.0This solution provides enterprise-wide virus protection from the gateway to the desktop and firewalls and servers.

Centralised, scalable management through the Symantec System Center console lets large organisations deploy and administer single or multiple Norton AntiVirus solutions enterprise-wide. This tool allows administrators to set and lock down IT policies from a single console to keep DOS, Windows, and NetWare servers and desktops up to date and properly configured.

Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Solution automatically scans, detects, and quarantines known and unknown viruses. And in the case of suspected or actual attacks, an automatic connection to the Symantec AntiVirus Research Centre (SARC) provides, 24x7 protection.

Pricing: starts at $119 per seat for 10-24 users.

Contact: 1800 680 026

Trend Micro Australia

eDoctor Antivirus service

Trend Micro's eDoctor presents antivirus as a subscription service, which includes 24x7 monitoring of the customer's systems. If a virus outbreak is detected engineers in the monitoring centre update the protection at the customer's site. eDoctor produces health check reports, at agreed frequencies, to show the most common entry points of viruses into the system, the number of viruses that hit the system, type of virus and a health ranking.

Telstra has joined Trend Micro's global eDoctor network, and is the first local service provider of eDoctor services. Pilot trials are under way with a launch expected late in the year.

Pricing: based on a monthly subscription fee: 500-999 users $4 per user.

Contact: (02) 8876 5678

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