E-Mongoose Rushes to Help Overwhelmed Developers

SAN JOSE, CALIF. (03/22/2000) - Foremost on the minds of software developers at this week's Software Development 2000 Conference and Expo (SD 2000) here has been the ever-increasing need to develop more software in less time .

To capitalize on that need, companies such as e-Mongoose Inc. -- a startup launching its main product, Mongoose, at the convention tomorrow -- are offering tools that will help developers keep up in the programming process.

The general consensus at the conference has been that the idea of reusability as a time saver and money saver is falling by the wayside as a fantasy that never quite can come to fruition. Instead, companies such as e-Mongoose are aiming to take advantage of the need to develop and market software efficiently by providing developers with many of the tools necessary to do that.

The recurring topics of conversation at the conference have been speed and performance, including ways increasing and harnessing speed and performance, while finding development shortcuts that will not hurt product quality. With the pace of business running on Internet time, software companies are finding it hard to come by qualified developers who can write the software in a complete manner and within an allotted time frame.

Built to streamline development processes, Mongoose, called a "platform in a box" by the company, will provide packaged Web-based, e-commerce, and thin-client application development programs based on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows DNA.

"Don't waste six to 12 months and millions of dollars doing full development from the ground up," said John Mansour, vice president of marketing at e-Mongoose. "We've got it all packaged so that developers can be creating their first development platform in an hour."

Specifically targeting ISVs (independent software vendors), ASPs (application service providers), and corporate IT managers, Mansour claims that size of the business is not the important factor because all companies looking to develop and distribute software are seeking to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"The true value of Mongoose is that it answers the time-to-market proposition," Mansour said. "We like to call it a 'three tiers in three minutes' model."

The three tiers are the main components of Mongoose: digital foundation, commerce application services, and the Mongoose Design Gallery. The foundation is laid in the first tier, the services are added in the second, and the actual development and publishing of objects and forms is done in the third tier.

Mansour said that at its SD 2000 booth, visitors will be able to build their own applications in less than five minutes.

"Mongoose gets 50 to 75 percent of the way there (fully developing the application) with no coding," Mansour said. After that, the developer needs to add whatever extra code he or she may want or need to complete the application to his or her liking, he added.

The Mongoose product, and others similar to it, likely will see plenty of exposure at the expo Thursday, as the first two days focused heavily on how to crank out more software in less time while still maintaining quality standards.

Several methods were proposed, ranging from reusable software with the help of Enterprise JavaBeans to lightweight methodologies, such as extreme programming, where producing documentation beyond dry erase-board scribble is optional in place of a faster product release.

E-Mongoose Inc., in Columbus, Ohio, is at http://www.e-mongoose.com/.

(InfoWorld Senior Writer Michael Lattig contributed to this article.)

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