Keylime Site Analysis Generates Real-Time Reports

SAN MATEO (03/17/2000) - Startup Keylime Software Inc. this week will launch a service for the swelling ranks of e-commerce directors who need to know more about their site's performance and usage patterns.

Keylime is an ASP (application service provider) that collects information on a Web site visitor's actions as well as data on site performance. The service, called I-Echoes, culls data in real time and generates reports on a chosen schedule.

The company is primarily targeting the service at e-commerce marketing executives who need to get quick feedback on the effectiveness of different sales programs offered online, typically for sites with 100,000 page views a day.

Beta tester Blake Wood, CTO at, in San Diego, said that he went with Keylime's service over alternatives such as WebTrends and NetGenesis, which offer similar software and services.

"[Keylime] is doing something that would have taken a lot more money and resources to accomplish in-house," Wood said. He plans to use the service to do customer profiling online. But for now, "I like the real-time information, seeing what's happening with traffic every 15 minutes," Wood said.

Another beta tester went with Keylime because of the simplicity of the setup:

Customers need to embed a script in each Web page sent to visitors, which feeds information to Keylime's data center.

"The challenge I have is aggregating content from a whole bunch of places, like our content partners and central corporate servers. And most traffic systems will tell you about one server and require a physical piece of equipment," said Janine Warner, director of new media at The Miami Herald.

Keylime can tailor reports by tracking certain parameters, such as customer segments, key events, or advertising, and can generate them quickly because they compile information from various sources instantaneously. The I-Echoes service starts at $5,000 per month.

The proof points for the company are whether or not they can generate reports that are more customized than lower-end site analysis services while being less expensive than higher-end alternatives, said Cormac Foster, an analyst at Jupiter Communications, in New York. "Going forward, the question is how much customization they can offer at those price points," Foster saidKeylime Software, in San Diego, is at

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