UPDATE: CA Ships Unicenter TND Beta

Computer Associates International (CA) is shipping Unicenter TND, which stands for "the Next Dimension," to beta testers. Unicenter TND is the new version of the company's corporate systems and network management platform and will be a key part of the CA World user conference, which starts April 8 in New Orleans.

Users should expect to see some enhancements of existing features as well as new features, but "it's not radically new" in terms of the differences between Unicenter TND and Unicenter TNG, which stands for "the Next Generation" and is the current generally available version of the software, according to Alan Andersen, CA vice president of business management.

CA isn't releasing names of beta customers right now so as to keep the beta testing period more controlled, nor is the company offering a general release date for Unicenter TND, Andersen said. CA is working with "dozens" of beta testing companies, he added.

Unicenter TND is aimed at companies in B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) markets and offers advanced management functions, including the ability to predict the likelihood of problems with IT resources or business processes. The software monitors systems and network performance and usage patterns in real time. For instance, Unicenter TND will keep an eye on spikes in traffic to Web sites so that managers can determine if an intrusion attempt or other attack is under way, "or it could be that a Web site campaign has started and the IT department wasn't informed," Andersen said.

Web server performance, who is visiting a Web site, where the hits are coming from, how long visitors are spending at a particular page and other such statistics can all be tracked, he said.

The predictive aspect of the software comes through the use of CA's Neugents technology, which "learns" system and network behavior and then detects and predicts problems, including outages, slowdowns, intrusion attempts and virus attacks.

Unicenter TND uses an interface that shows managers the systems operation over time and uses a control panel that enables review of previous performance and likely future performance. The interface is being likened to that of a VCR, with the ability to rewind or fast forward. Neugents technology is built into the forward-looking aspect of the interface.

Unicenter TND runs on Windows 2000, Windows NT and various versions of Unix, including Linux.

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