How much tax are tech companies paying?

The ATO has published its first tax transparency report

The Australian Taxation Office has published its first corporate tax transparency report. The report, which covers the 2013-14 financial year, includes details on more than 1500 businesses.

This data set includes public and foreign businesses (including foreign private companies) that have a total income of $100 million or more. Under new legislation, the tax affairs of a number of Australian-owned private companies are set to be published early next year.

"This report forms part of a much wider domestic and global push for improved corporate transparency. It informs public debate about tax policy, particularly in relation to the corporate tax system," commissioner of taxation Chris Jordan said in a statement.

"The transparency measure gives the community the opportunity to see some corporate tax data that the ATO holds. Community trust and confidence in the way these large companies operate matters. And, tax should matter to these companies.

"It is not something to be taken lightly. Collectively, these 1500 large corporates paid almost $40 billion in company tax in the 2014 fiscal year."

The complete data set is available from the government's open data repository.

Below we've gathered together the tax data on tech companies included in the transparency report. We've almost certainly missed some - let us know in the comments below and we'll update our spreadsheet.

(Because of the nature of some of the businesses, some of the figures reflect non-technology-related revenue.)

A blank cell means a company paid either zero (or less) in tax.

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