Why you should come to BuzzConf: An emerging technology festival

The organisers of BuzzConf make their pitch for the event, which will be held in Victoria in November

The future is a moving landscape, and many businesses are left on the back foot when it comes to selecting emerging technologies that will still be here next year.

Buzzconf.io is an immersive technology festival in which technologists and enthusiasts can discuss, dissect, and define the future landscape of global technology and how it can be applied to a diverse set of industries, including health, education, and logistics, to name a few.

"By having these discussions in an open, inclusive, and collaborative environment, BuzzConf aims to facilitate meaningful and in-depth conversations between all participants," said Ben Dechrai, cofounder of the event.

"Whether you're a keynote speaker, leading industry expert, or junior developer, everyone will have the opportunity to mingle, share ideas and learn from each other. Together, we can shape Australia's future as an intellectual powerhouse."

BuzzConf promotes itself as a family friendly environment in which attendees have access to both technical and non-technical activities, all set in a festival environment in Phoenix Park in Ballan, Victoria.

Dechrai, who has been organising traditional technology conferences for over 10 years, believes that most conferences are very passive: "People sit in a room and hear from someone on stage, and disperse at the end of the day. We want people to connect and engage with each other. In fact, we're also organising immersive technology tracks for children."

For those who aren't there for the technology track, the event offers festival-type activities, from self-organised workshops to evening entertainment.

"We're very keen for all participants, technical or otherwise, to create the environment and atmosphere they want. We can bring the technology to the festival, but it's the people who will make this event a success," said Rick Giner, an avid technologist and the other half of the event management team.

"Think Burning Man, but instead of a desert and hippies, there are trees and 3D-printed robot spiders," Giner said (referring to a NodeBots workshop that will teach attendees to build a remote control robot).

"We expect people will love racing their bots on the indoor skate ramp that we'll have on-site!"

The event runs over the 14-15 November weekend, with participants encouraged to arrive on the Friday afternoon, and depart Monday morning.

Tickets are on general sale, with a handful of bunk bed upgrades still available for those that don't wish to camp.

Visit Buzzconf.io for more information.

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