MIS vs corporate management

Another year 2000 survey has surfaced! However, this one titled "The year 2000 challenge - through the eyes of senior executives" provides interesting insight into the sensitive "MIS vs corporate management" budget issue.

Supported by IDG Communications, the report also reveals typically asked questions like what, where, why and how Australian companies are coping with the date-change restructure.

It covers responses from highly qualified executives from over 300 Australian companies' industry sectors including: finance and banking, transport and storage, primary industry, government, legal and accounting, business services, communications and public utilities, business services, wholesale and retail, TV and news media, advertising and marketing, and tourism and hospitality.

Here are some fast facts from the report:

- Even as late as December 1997, only 16 per cent of the respondents surveyed claim they had implemented their Y2K program.

- About 11 per cent of respondents reported no active plans to meet the Y2K deadline - although some plan to start planning late 1998 or some time in 1999.

- And it gets worse. In the 51 per cent of companies where Y2K plans had been made and budgets requested, only 53 per cent of those requests had been approved.

- Another disturbing discovery was that 18.8 per cent of respondents DO NOT know whether their IT hardware will comply with Y2K computing. Mainframe users have a much higher level of knowledge: 97 per cent have checked their equipment for compliance.

- Average expenditure: in Australia, $1.1 m and in the US, $US1.4m.

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