Red Hat to launch DevOps training services

Experience in open source communities to be reflected in Red Hat DevOps training

Red Hat is preparing to launch new training services focussed on helping organisations develop DevOps capabilities, according to the company's director, consulting and training, for Australia and New Zealand

"We're about to start DevOps training as part of our Global Learning Services offerings," said Colin McCabe.

"We've recognised that the market itself is nascent in its approach," he said.

"One of the things that we offer is that everything we do from an open source perspective is a version of DevOps in some variety or another."

"What we're trying to do is take that experience that we have in running diverse communities with diverse ideas and how we help to take those ideas and put them into production effectively," McCabe said.

"We can take some of our learnings from that and create a course around it. Obviously it will refer a little bit to some of our tools, but it's really about 'What is the big process change that needs to occur?'"

The service will be launched within the next quarter, McCabe said.

"As much as the technology and the vendors are trying to come out with a 'DevOps toolset', there's a holy trinity of people, process and technology," said Ben Henshall, director, AppDev solutions, for Red Hat in APAC.

One of the barriers in APAC and Australia to moving towards DevOps-style approaches has tended to be lack of executive sponsorship, Henshall said.

"There's definite appetite for it; there's a definite desire to want to have that capability — and that being how do I take an idea and then put it into production in the most expeditious manner possible," Henshall said.

Henshall points to the transformation undertaken at US retailer Target as an example of what's possible.

"This is an organisation that has 300,000+ staff — this is a massive company. Their adoption of 'people, process and technology' through their DevOps transformation is breathtaking. They're talking about changes that took them eight weeks now taking 15 minutes.

"When you start thinking about the orders of change that that's giving them — eight weeks down to 15 minutes — that's massive. I haven't seen that type of adoption and deliverables in the Asia Pacific region."

However enterprises are increasingly comparing themselves to the likes of Uber and other fast-moving startups, McCabe said.

"There's a general buzz of 'we need to do this'," McCabe said.

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