ZapData Taps Net, Aztec Software for B2B Marketing

BANGALORE, INDIA (03/01/2000) - IMarket Inc. is tapping the power of the Internet and the Jpact ListServer from India-based Aztec Software and Technology Services (P) Ltd. in its efforts to score big in the business-to-business marketing arena with its new business unit.

The products and services offered by, containing over 50 million records provided by over 20 data suppliers, will use the ListServer as its core technology, according to iMarket's chef executive.

"IMarket is in business to help business-to-business marketers find new customers," said Willard Reynolds, president and CEO of iMarket, based in Waltham, Massachusetts. The Zapdata unit was launched last July.

"Our (Zapdata) Web site enables our customers to get leads, append firmagraphic date to their own lead files, and study U.S. markets by performing sophisticated market analyses," Reynolds said. "Firmagraphic," a term used by database and list vendors, is similar to demographic data, with the difference that the data is on firms.

IMarket can reach more business-to-business marketers over the Internet than through traditional marketing and CD-ROM distribution, according to Reynolds.

"We can also deliver an analysis at a lower cost to our customers due to the efficiencies of the Internet," Reynolds added.

Aztec's Jpact (Java Powered Access Technology) is a 100 percent Java, component-based, Net infrastructure platform. It has a proprietary application manager framework, and business logic is written as a module and plugged into the framework.

"We added to Jpact the specific vertical modules that are relevant to list suppliers," said Govindarajan V.R., president & chief technology officer of Aztec, based in Bangalore. A request from the client goes to a third-party servlet engine on the Web server, and is then routed through the application server into the application module.

The multithreaded architecture of Jpact optimizes performance when there are a number of concurrent users, as it is able to dynamically spawn new threads to handle incoming loads. Performance is also optimized, said Govindarajan, by using semantic caching, which takes even a sub-set of the query from the cache, constructs the remainder query, and sends the reconstructed query to the database. Jpact can connect to multiple heterogeneous data depositories.

According to Reynolds, the most important value-add of the Jpact ListServer is that the server only allows approved users to access the lists. Jpact limits access to data to paid users, and also allows Zapdata to give customers policy-based access to various sections of the data and services. Aztec has extended the Jpact architecture as a platform for application hosting.

IMarket in Waltham, Massachusetts can be reached at +1-781-672-9290 or, in Waltham, can be reached at +1-781-684-1650 or Aztec, in Bangalore, can be reached at +91-80-552-2892 or

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