1999 Product of the Year: Security

IBM Corp. eNetwork Firewall 3.3

BECAUSE ALMOST EVERY system is connected to some sort of network, often the Internet, vulnerabilities that can cause loss of sensitive data, abuse of systems, or invasion of privacy have grown at a staggering rate. At the same time, attacks from malicious intruders are increasing at an alarming rate. In short, airtight security is more important than ever to organizations of every size.

Of the many security products released in 1999, IBM eNetwork Firewall 3.3 caught our attention -- and this Product of the Year award -- as a very good full-fledged, feature-rich firewall.

The eNetwork Firewall lets you quickly install and maintain security. By using the product's wizards, IT administrators can easily lower both maintenance costs and the time spent managing security. Because it also has virtual private network (VPN) features, corporations will find that they can quickly enable telecommuting access to their networks.

IBM's eNetwork Firewall runs on either AIX or Windows NT, allowing almost anyone to use it. Its configuration wizard will get it running quickly.

The eNetwork Firewall uses a combination of application proxies, circuit-level gateways, packet filtering, and the Socks protocol. For example, to support incoming e-mail, it uses the Secure Mail Proxy, which provides advanced filtering and scanning technologies.

Other add-ons include support for Security Dynamics Ace Server for secure authentication, a network-security scanner that can be scheduled to check for security holes, and support for e-mail or paging when an attack is detected.

IBM's eNetwork Firewall is a quick and powerful solution for protecting your network.

Using this firewall and its tools, you can quickly secure your network, and with its VPN support both administrators and users can be quickly connected to the Internet and telecommute from remote locations.

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