Telecom New Zealand's ADSL Launch 'Hellish'

The commercial launch of Telecom New Zealand's ADSL-based (asymmetric digital subscriber line-based) JetStream service has been anything but smooth.

The week of the launch was described as "the week from hell", by an unnamed Jet-Stream helpdesk person. He says Telecom had to fly in DSL experts from California and Finland after customers lost access to the service. Throughout the Friday and Saturday of the week starting July 1, customers had access problems.

Glen Sowry of Telecom says the Lower Hutt exchange had a hardware fault on the remote access node which connects Telecom's IP network to DSL access multiplexers (a bank of modems) at the exchange to clients' modems.

Sowry says the problem was fixed on the Sunday and the network is now up and running at full capacity.

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