Netegrity, Waveset trade punches on ID management

Netegrity and Waveset Technologies became the latest in a string of companies to expand their product offerings in the area of user and identity management Monday. Both companies announced new products that provide user identity management for large and heterogenous networks.

Netegrity's new product, IdentityMinder, is built on the foundation of the company's existing SiteMinder software, which is used by companies to manage user authentication and user access to applications and Web-based services.

IdentityMinder adds workflow features and integrated tools to help administrators create and manage users in heterogenous network environments, according to Netegrity of Waltham, Massachusetts.

"What's new with IdentityMinder is the notion that security needs to be thought about as a business process ... and identity management is a key part of that business process," said Amit Jasuja, senior manager of product marketing at Netegrity.

According to Jasuja, IdentityMinder was designed to be flexible, working with a customer's existing user and directory configurations instead of imposing its own schema.

"We don't say you have to manage your company using an entitlement-based approach or group organization with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). One approach doesn't fit every company and companies may use a mix and match approach," Jasuja said.

The new product supports Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Sun ONE (Open Net Environment) and Microsoft Corp.'s Active Directory, according to Netegrity.

The heart of the new product is its workflow engine, according to Jasuja. That component allows administrators to automate tasks such as those required to approve a new user, create a new user group, or change an existing user's access privileges.

Administrative tasks can be delegated to lower-level administrators or business partners, and multistep approvals and processes can be mapped out using IdentityMinder's integrated workflow engine, Jasuja said.

IdentityMinder also comes with a graphic modeller and task designer, enabling even non-technical users to create business processes that take user and access management into account.

Using the task designer, for example, administrators can design screens to capture contact information such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses without needing to know how to write code, Jasuja said.

The product is targeted at companies that have deployed Web-based applications and need to support large populations of users, according to Netegrity. Companies with supply chain management systems, corporate intranets and those offering business-to-business services could all potentially benefit from IdentityMinder, according to Netegrity.

While Netegrity could not provide customers willing to speak about IdentityMinder, it said in a separate announcement Tuesday that Inc. had agreed to use its access and identity management technology for its employees.

Also on Monday, Waveset Technologies of Austin, Texas announced an upgrade to its Lighthouse identity management product that will enable it to support corporate extranets.

The company's Lighthouse Enterprise product already contains features for automated user provisioning, password and identity management, and reporting.

To that, Waveset Lighthouse for Extranets will add identity management across multiple user stores and directory types.

The upgrade to Waveset's Lighthouse Enterprise Edition product will allow companies to centrally manage user identities and permissions without requiring them to reconfigure existing directories, according to a statement released by Waveset.

As with Netegrity, Lighthouse for Extranets offers delegated user administration to push identity management responsibilities out to business units. The product also offers user self-service features such as editing profiles and updating passwords, Waveset said.

Lighthouse for Extranets works with third party access control products, including Netegrity's SiteMinder, and supports the Microsoft Active Directory, Sun ONE Directory Server and Novell Inc. eDirectory, according to Waveset.

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