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How more Australians are accelerating to Broadband Internet.

  • 23 October, 2003 15:31

<p>The Internet has huge potential to make people’s lives easier, but traditional dial up connections have proven to be just too slow and frustrating. With the introduction of Broadband Internet, however, users can experience the web at faster speeds making all sorts of new and exciting things possible.</p>
<p>For a start, with Broadband, your Internet service is always on – so no more waiting to connect to the web. With Broadband too, you can use your existing line for both the telephone and Internet access simultaneously, so you can make and receive calls while online.</p>
<p>Governments worldwide have acknowledged that widespread adoption of Broadband is critical to future economic growth. As well as always-on access and fast downloads, applications such as networked video games and video-on-demand are all part of the near future thanks to Broadband.</p>
<p>In Australia, Broadband adoption has been slow until now because many people have seen it as being unaffordable. Hotkey Internet Services, however, have changed all that. Unlike their competitors, Hotkey are charging absolutely nothing upfront - and just $59.95 per month - for Broadband Internet connection. They’ll give you a free modem (valued at $199) and a free connection fee (valued at $119.95) – making broadband even more accessible to Australians. There is no other offer quite like it at the moment!
(Terms and conditions apply).</p>
<p>For further information, please visit or telephone 1300 655 366.</p>

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