Intel offers new compilers for Windows, Linux apps

Intel has released the seventh version of the Intel C++ and Intel Fortran compilers to developers working on creating or maintaining software in either a Windows or Linux environment, the company said in a release Tuesday.

Software compiled on the new tools will improve the performance of applications on Intel processors by up to 40 percent compared to software compiled with other tools, Intel said. The new compilers will also help users of the latest 3.06GHz Pentium 4 processor and various Xeon processors take advantage of Intel's hyperthreading technology.

Compilers are needed to act as interpreters between programming languages such as C++ and Fortran and the machine language that controls the actions of processors such as Intel's Pentium 4, Xeon, or Itanium 2 processors. Intel's compliers are optimized for its processors, and will allow users of computing-intensive applications to enjoy performance increases, it said.

Hyperthreading technology allows multiple software threads to run more efficiently on a single processor. However, the software program must be written with multiple software threads in order to take advantage of the technology. Developers working with the new compilers can turn on an option that opportunistically looks to create multiple software threads in applications.

The C++ compiler costs US$399 for either the Windows or Linux version. The Fortran complier costs US$499 for the Windows version, and US$699 for the Linux version. All the compilers are available for download from Intel, and will be available on CD-ROM by the end of the month, Intel said.

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