OMG hails CORBA, Web services ties

Boosting interoperability between the CORBA and Web services camps, the Object Management Group (OMG) in late November adopted a specification to define interoperability between CORBA, WSDL, and SOAP.

Interoperability between the two programming technologies already is being offered by software vendors Iona Technologies PLC and Cape Clear Software Inc., but OMG has codified a standard way to interoperate, said Richard Soley, OMG CEO, on Tuesday. OMG met to adopt the new specification at a meeting in Washington the week prior to Thanksgiving and released details of that meeting on Tuesday.

"CORBA has always allowed multiple transports so we basically plugged in SOAP and WSDL in the CORBA backbone, so if you have CORBA, you can speak Web services," Soley said.

Developers who have an existing CORBA application can use a Web services transport without having to change their application; they merely need to implement SOAP and WSDL integration in their CORBA implementation, according to Soley.

Web services technology does not compete or displace CORBA, he said. "Most of the Web services that have actually been implemented are built on Java or CORBA, and if they're using Java, they're implementing CORBA anyway," Soley said.

Also at the meeting, OMG initiated work efforts to define a lightweight version of the CORBA Component Model (CCM) to allow small-footprint embedded and card-based systems to take advantage of the programming conveniences available to enterprises that use the CCM in large, scalable transactional systems.

Furthermore, the standards body began an effort to define a reliable multicast protocol usable by CORBA Notification Service to dispatch publish and subscribe messages to a list of event-consuming client programs.

Additionally, The OMG's Telecommunications Domain Task Force issued a Request for Comment for a draft specification defining Generic Inter-ORB Protocol tunneling over Bluetooth, the wireless networking technology.

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