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Compuware Announces Plans to Support Microsoft Visual Studio “Whidbey”

  • 29 October, 2003 12:04

<p>Compuware Announces Plans to Support Microsoft Visual Studio “Whidbey”
Compuware DevPartner, QACenter and Vantage Products to Offer Support for Visual Studio “Whidbey”
Sydney, October 29 2003--Compuware Corporation announced its plans to provide full support for Microsoft Visual Studio “Whidbey” and re-affirmed its strong commitment to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Whidbey is the code name for the beta release of the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR)
“Compuware is excited about the significant new capabilities planned for the .NET Framework “Whidbey” and Visual Studio “Whidbey”, and the valuable role that Compuware products play in building, testing and managing .NET Framework-based applications, said Peter Pritchard, Marketing Director, Compuware Asia Pacific. Visual Studio .NET is a premier development environment for the creation of technology solutions, providing unprecedented ease-of-use and developer productivity capabilities that are unprecedented in the industry.”
For developers, DevPartner Studio Professional Edition set the standard for Visual Studio .NET integration with the release of DevPartner Studio 7.0 in 2002. All DevPartner Studio features, including automated code review and run-time error detection, performance and coverage analysis, as well as distributed application analysis, are as readily available as any other feature supplied by Visual Studio .NET. From the user’s perspective, the integration is seamless, and the features of Visual Studio .NET and DevPartner Studio complement one another. In addition to the ease-of-use and productivity capabilities of Visual Studio .NET, DevPartner Studio provides enhanced capabilities to help developers and testers ensure that their application is as reliable and as high-performing as possible.
For testers, Compuware automated testing products help validate .NET Framework-based applications running in a full spectrum of environments. QACenter can isolate and correct problems and ensure that systems can handle anticipated load--before applications go live.
For system and network administrators, Compuware’s performance management and availability tool suite, Vantage, provides a comprehensive view of application performance as it relates to end-user response time, the server and the network. Vantage helps optimize application performance and availability by identifying and troubleshooting performance problems, by managing service levels and by supporting growth management.
“The broad range of technology provided by the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET is mirrored in Compuware’s full line of application life-cycle management tools,” said Prashant Sridharan, senior product manager for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft is pleased Compuware supports the building, testing and managing of distributed applications, especially where .NET Framework components interoperate with existing COM and other unmanaged components.”
Compuware plans to tightly integrate DevPartner Studio into Visual Studio “Whidbey”, as well as offer support for testing and managing applications utilizing the .NET Framework technologies and protocols. The support will continue to provide the Microsoft development community the very best capabilities to quickly produce robust applications that operate with the highest level of quality, and to ensure their continued successful operation.
DevPartner Studio Professional Edition, QACenter and Vantage, supporting the current line of Microsoft developer tools, are currently available from Compuware.
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