BCG role in NBN review likely death knell for 'universal' FTTP

NBN Co appoints consultancies to aid strategic review

The consultancy engaged by NBN Co to assess alternatives to the current rollout regime has previously expressed disdain for a 'one size fits all' approach to network rollouts.

Boston Consulting Group, named by NBN Co today as one of three consultancies to aid in a strategic review of the organisation's operations and the NBN rollout, has in the past advocated an "integrated broadband solution" that employs a mix of technologies for broadband networks.

"At the core of IBS is the recognition that different regions within a national rollout area are different, with characteristics and market potential that vary—so a solution that works well in one region may not be needed, or successful, in another," states a bcg.perspectives article published in April this year.

"Fiber to the home, for example, fares best in high-density, affluent areas but is hard-pressed to turn a profit in more spread-out regions.

"IBS forgoes the one-size-fits-all rollout in favor of a more targeted approach, with telcos tailoring their offerings for a mosaic of customer needs and local conditions. And it does so in a way that is practical, manageable, and cost effective."

The IBS approach can involve a mixture of FTTP and fibre to the curb in less profitable areas, for example.

Under the current NBN rollout plan, put in place under previous federal Labor governments, the majority of Australians would have access to fibre to the home, with a minority receiving Internet access through fixed wireless or satellite connections. The Coalition has previously stated that alternatives to FTTP, such as FTTN, should be considered for brownfield sites.

NBN Co has also contracted with Deloitte and KordaMentha for the strategic review into the future of the NBN.

Today's announcement from NBN Co said that Deloitte will provide project management services to the review, while KordaMentha will contribute to the assessment of the NBN's current operational and financial performance.

Within NBN Co the review will be led by former Telstra executive director, media, applications and user experience, JB Rousselot.

NBN Co's executive chairman, Ziggy Switkowski, a former Telstra chief executive , earlier this week announced Rousselot's appointment as NBN Co's 'head of strategy and transformation'.

The review is due to be completed by 22 November. Its terms of reference include the progress of the NBN rollout, NBN Co's financial and operational status, the cost and time it would take to complete a fully fibre-to-the-premises rollout, and the economic viability, cost of rollout and time of rollout if FTTP was swapped out for alternative technologies, such as fibre-to-the-node, in brownfield sites.

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