Pluggermania scores high on Web site

Tony Lockett's record breaking goal kicked page impressions on the AFL's official Web site ( up to 776,355 last Sunday.

AFL Web site officials said 'Pluggermania' had resulted in almost double the number of hits it would expect on a day of a weekend game. An average Saturday is about 436,332, an official said.

The huge hit rate slowed down live scores and live player statistics on the site, so that scores and stats were running slightly behind the game.

Up to 400 people at any one time were watching the Swans-Collingwood match live on the site's Web cam page, installed just for the match in which Lockett surpassed Gordon Coventry's record of 1299 goals, kicking nine goals to reach 1306.

The AFL Web site, a joint venture between News Limited and Channel 7, was launched in March 1998. It runs off a Microsoft SQL Server database, with templates created using Microsoft Active Server Pages.

The site's HTML content is served from a Unix box, whilst dynamic or interactive content, such as the Web site's tipping competition, is served from an NT box.

The site features video highlights, which will soon include Plugger's legendary goal, for endless replay.

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