WA leads the way in year 2000 stakes: Inchley

Progress on state government millennium education programs for business varies widely, with some states a long way behind the leader, Western Australia, according to a millennium expert.

Speaking to ComputerWorld after the inaugural meeting of the millennium taskforce steering committee, committee head Graeme Inchley said "the programs by state governments vary enormously and some of them have a long way to go . . . most of the committee would concede that Western Australia is more advanced than any of the others."

While all of the states have done some good work on Y2K, Inchley said, he particularly praised the Western Australian government's strategy for alerting business to millennium issues. Inchley also applauded the NSW government's document "Taking steps to fix the year 2000 problem". The WA government has just published an information kit with a 10-step methodology to identify, assess and act on Y2K problems. It also contains sources of assistance.

Bruce Robins, campaign manager for the Western Australia year 2000 project, said the kit is being publicised in a newspaper advertising campaign. While the advertising campaign is going well, he had hoped for a greater level of response at this stage, he said.

Robins said that workshops will be organised for WA businesses.

Likely to be industry specific, the meetings will be a chance for business people to go through the 10-step methodology contained in the kit with a trained facilitator.

The steering committee, which will be meeting monthly, is now awaiting the results of market research into the small and medium enterprise community.

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