RedSheriff aims BI at enterprise

Once chief bean counter of the dotcom days, Australian born Internet measurement company RedSheriff now has both barrels focused on the enterprise market.

Through a strategic partnership with US business intelligence provider SageMetrics, RedSheriff has thrown data mining capabilities into its offerings, adding to its Internet-related audience measurement technologies and market research products.

The data mining platform and BI offering is in line with RedSheriff's repositioning towards large enterprises, as the company sheds its dotcom - or what it dubs as "new economy" - customer base.

Australasia managing director Philip Whinnen said: "It's true to say the dotcoms that we traditionally relied upon have been replaced over the past year by large robust, bricks-and-mortar companies, which support the services we now deliver. RedSheriff has substantially reinvented its client base. The dropping off of dotcom names is indicative of that.

"It's been a difficult marketplace, but we're still around. We've been around for seven years and we are now in more than 37 countries with 700 clients," he said.

Although there have been no local customers to take up the platform yet, Whinnen said early talks revealed most Australian clients are enthusiastic about the new product.

Whinnen believes the company's background in specialist Internet-related metrics will work in conjunction with its BI tool, to give it "an edge" over established global BI competitors.

RedSheriff claims the data mining platform enables users to not only track online behaviour of their customers, but also compare this information with data from other sources including sales transaction history from offline shops.

The product allows the integration of multiple data sources including browser-based measurement data, server logs and other information management systems, company officials said.

New York-based CEO Richard Webb said: "We consciously moved our client base away from depending too heavily on ‘new economy' companies to ensure that we had the financial strength required for long-term sustainable growth. This has paid off as shown in our rapid penetration of the European and Asia Pacific markets and our steady entry into the US."

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