Job Seeking Tips

If you're one of many layoff victims this year, check out some of these quick tips for getting back into the workforce.

* Spend a lot of time crafting your resume. Have different versions on hand targeted toward different job openings so you can act quickly when openings arise.

* Rethink your idea of what you're looking for. IT job hunters say you may have to accept a lateral move or even a step back due to the glut of candidates and scarcity of positions. Realize your standard of what an acceptable job is may change as your job search lengthens. Also, realize that you may be asked to do more and be paid less. Again, it's a matter of supply and demand, and of companies trying to save every penny they can.

* Prepare for a different type of networking. Get in touch with everyone you know. You never know who is hiring, and with resumes pouring in for vacant positions, personal referrals mean more than ever. Candidates referred by a colleague or friend have a leg up with the harried hiring manager.

* Maintain a good attitude. The mental aspects of unemployment can be more difficult than the financial. Going into an interview feeling bad about yourself and your chances will be picked up by the interviewer, and you're unlikely to be asked back for a second interview.

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