Internet rises from dotcom demise: Autodesk CEO

Despite the dramatic failure of the 'dotcom' era, it produced important lessons about networks and how the management and movement of technology has changed and is changing, according to Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz.

"The way people receive and use information has changed forever. We have different applications, tools and security because of [the dotcom era]."

Bartz believes that, with the dotcom era at an end the next phase of the Internet, where the Internet will be used to improve business processes, is just beginning.

"I'm convinced the Internet will drive very significant improvements in processes that businesses use to create value and satisfy customers."

One industry that will be dramatically affected by this change is the manufacturing industry.

"I think the manufacturing industry has had a bad rap. The industry does not jump on a new trend; things have to work before they are taken up. The industry is forever looking at its cycle time, and if an innovation can save it big money, it will be of interest to a company. It has only been in the last three years that the industry has moved to 3D - it depends on the productivity increase of the feature whether it is taken up."

Bartz said the Internet will make it possible for everyone on a project to see the latest elements, such as drawings, bill of materials, specifications and schedules, and the like.

"In factories, parts inspectors in the warehouse will be able to check incoming parts using live, interactive design data viewed with wireless handheld devices. On construction sites, architects will be able to check the latest drawings in the project database with a laptop."

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