Interwoven aims to rally XML migration

Interwoven rolled out two content management infrastructure products on Tuesday aiming to boost enterprise control of content reuse and distribution.

The company's TeamXML is an XML repository designed to help enterprises adopt XML. By allowing users to convert individual Web assets and content components to XML on an as-needed basis, the repository allows enterprises to implement a phased XML migration strategy, according to Interwoven officials.

According to Kevin Cochrane, vice president of product management at Interwoven, allowing corporate users to control the migration process will help speed the adoption of XML.

"For enterprises that have 5,000 users publishing content in the system, you can't just suddenly rip it away form them in order to move to this next-generation XML platform. But what you can do is cut over in phases," Cochrane said. "We enable you to do a blanket cut over or migrate over time to this next-generation system."

TeamXML also offers the ability to store XML objects in native form, which boosts the performance and scalability of content, Interwoven officials said.

According to Rob Perry, senior analyst at The Yankee Group, native storage for XML may help drive adoption in companies that are trying to make the move to XML.

Although native XML will not replace relational databases, it may aid management of XML content, Perry said.

"There is a trend toward using XML natively in organisations. You could use a relational database, but that works fine only until a certain point. Companies using large amounts of unstructured data and trying to store it in a relational database and recombine it into many different forms are finding it puts a lot of burden on the relational database," he said.

"The view from the native XML side is that by keeping it in the XML format using a hierarchical structure, you can manage it more efficiently," Perry said.

Interwoven also released OpenSyndicate, a content distribution product aimed at giving enterprise users the ability to control the assembly of content packages.

OpenSyndicate leverages business rules formed from metadata to assemble packages of content that can be segmented according to audience preferences. The product also features subscriber management and group profiling for matching content packages to targeted subscribers inside or outside the firewall.

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