Interwoven announces digital asset management partners

Aiming to strengthen its capability to handle the growing amount of digital media, Interwoven on Monday announced alliances with a slew of DAM (digital asset management) vendors, including Adobe Systems, Artesia Technologies, IBM, and Virage.

Digital media assets, such as video, animation, audio, images, and graphics, can pose complex integration and management challenges not completely addressed by traditional Web content management.

Although Interwoven's content infrastructure supports mainstream rich media elements, the Sunnyvale, California-based software vendor has forged partnerships with leading DAM vendors in an attempt to reach out to entertainment and media customers that have specialized digital media needs, according to John Van Siclen, chief operating officer at Interwoven.

"We are stepping up [our] relationships with IBM, Adobe, Artesia, and Virage in order to enable our customers to handle all asset types, any size, and complexity," he said. "No matter how big their library is, we want to provide complete support for the entire spectrum of digital media."

By combining specialty DAM technology with enterprise content management infrastructure, enterprises can reap the benefits of an integrated workflow and collaboration environment, Van Siclen said.

"Enterprises have multiple repositories for different asset types. But when they want to bring those assets to a Web application, they want to pull [the assets] up through a common workflow, a common collaborative development process, and common deployment process," he said.

Through integration with the DAM partners, Interwoven's products will be able to test and preview changes of rich media assets, such as Flash, video, and high-resolution images. Other capabilities include digital asset lifecycle management, unlimited virtual work areas, and syndication of complex media assets.

Moreover, the partnerships with specialty DAM providers enable the Interwoven content management software to act an infrastructure layer that sits above multiple asset repositories, according to Van Siclen.

"Interwoven sits above as an infrastructure layer that helps provide the collaboration, testing, and deployment model for any of those assets to be pulled together and deployed to any application," he said.

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