Scopeware aims to unite corporate information

Taking a fresh approach to support the intuitive way workers process and access information, Mirror Worlds Technologies Inc. this week introduced an information management tool designed to unite all data in a single place that can be accessed via a PC or mobile device.

The technology, called Scopeware, was developed by renowned computer scientist David Gelernter, a professor of computer science at Yale who pioneered parallel processing and survived an attack by the Unabomber. Gelernter now serves as the chief scientist at Mirror Worlds, in New York.

When accessing corporate networks from desktop PCs or WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)-enabled mobile devices, Scopeware allows enterprise users to view document sets, which run across the screen in a stream.

The Scopeware tool unites disparate enterprise information, including memos, Microsoft Word documents, Web pages, e-mails, PDFs, spreadsheets, or faxes in one place and organizes the flow of data chronologically.

The technology is designed to replace the outdated file folder mode of storing and accessing information, according to Gelernter.

"The network file folder system as we know it is dead on the floor," he said. "We've wanted to be able to organize information without inventing directories and file names. We've wanted the question 'Where did I put that information?' to always have the same answer. [Using Scopeware] you don't have to worry about how you named something, what directory it is on, or what file it is in."

"Corporate users don't want to be limited by categories of data storage that were invented when computers were radically different than they are today. We don't want people to throw out the file system, but this offers an alternative reservoir of information," Gelernter added.

Scopeware sits on top of the OS and automatically translates the file-folder metaphor into streams of information that float across your computer screen. The resulting information can be navigated via a browser view, which shows a preview of the documents or information source without opening it. Data can be searched by indexed meta data or accessed by time order sequence.

Allowing wireless access to the information flow is a key element for increasing the productivity of corporate workers, Gelernter said.

"This brings wireless platforms into the party and points them all at a single integrated information source," he said. "I can have the stream carry all my information and I can tune into the stream via any Internet-connected platform."

Scopeware is available now for licensing from Mirror Worlds. Pricing information was not available.

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