Web analytics tallies cross-site customer behavior

With the goal of giving more bang to bucks spent on Web marketing campaigns, webHancer Corp. on Tuesday released a hosted application designed to provide cross-site Web analytics and performance analysis data to corporations.

The X-Site Intelligence Platform taps a global panel of eight million Internet users to gather customer intelligence data, including information about where a customer went before the target site, what they did while there, and where they went after they left.

This type of cross-site data is an essential ingredient in effective online strategies and can help boost the ROI (return on investment) for existing marketing campaigns, according to Stephanie Bigusiak, vice president of marketing and product management at webHancer, in Ottawa.

"Which paths are easier for users to take and easier for them to convert [to buyers]? Likewise, where are you losing customers and is that due to performance issues?" she said. "That is the type of information [that] can help the marketing and business managers better target their marketing dollars."

The X-Site Intelligence Platform suite includes X-Path, an online portal site containing Web analytics and other site visitor data; Advanced Analytics Reports that analyze visitor behavior; e-Busienss View, which provides detailed site performance measurement and analysis; and X-Site Data, containing both cross-site and on-site data packaged for integration with existing analytic tools.

The ability to understand cross-site customer behavior is a huge improvement over traditional methods of gathering data about online customers from server logs, said Jonathan Black, webHancer's director of product management.

"The key benefit is real-time cross-site Web analytics and performance analysis combined to help a marketing or business executive improve the acquisition, conversion, and retention of visitors by looking at the effect of site performance on customers and understanding where visitors were before, after, and during the site visit," he said.

Available now, pricing for X-Path begins at US$4,995 per month, e-Business View pricing starts at $1,995 per month, and X-Site's Datasets range from $4,995 to $9,995 per month.

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