German Startup Supports Java on Handhelds

BOSTON (06/05/2000) - A German startup this week will unveil software and hardware for building Java applications on handheld and embedded systems.

The tools, from Smart Network Devices GmbH (SND), include a tiny single-board computer, complete with hardware design schematics, for prototyping Java applications. The board uses the Hyperstone CPU, a German processor, and a real-time operating systems developed specifically for it.

Also included is a built-in Ethernet connection and TCP/IP software. Later this summer, SND will add a compact Web server and e-mail support.

On top of this system, called Micro WebTarget, SND has added an implementation of Java 2 Micro Edition, including the highly compact K Virtual Machine, and a set of specific Java APIs aimed at very small mobile devices such as cell phones and personal digital assistants. This Mobile Client Starter Kit includes hardware and software for LCD and keyboard design, a graphics display of 128x64 pixels, and a key layout to emulate a mobile telephone keypad.

The software tools run on any Windows or Linux PC, to which the SND computer board is also attached. For device designers, SND sells a complete hardware design that can serve as the basis of the finished product.

The Micro WebTarget kit is US$2,350. The Mobile Client Starter Kit, which includes WebTarget, is $3,400.


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