Waste not want not with Wollongong WAP

A genuine WAP application has been implemented by Illawara Waste Management on top of Oracle's Application Server Wireless Edition and an existing Internet service. A spokesman explained that the original Australian Reusable Resources Network (ARRnetwork) was implemented in 1999 by Oracle solutions provider Bailey Bailey & Bailey to allow businesses and individuals to dispose of or acquire recyclable materials by matching them with others with appropriate requirements. Access to the system has until recently been by computer, or by phone to a call centre.

Now, however, Illawara Waste Management has commissioned a wireless interface to ARRnetwork accessible by WAP-enabled mobile phone or standard mobile phones with SMS functionality. The service is being extended primarily to cater for the demands of the construction and demolition industry, which produces huge amounts of recyclable waste, according to Vicky King, chair of Illawara Waste Management King said that about one million tonnes of construction waste ends up in NSW landfills each year, and explained that the wireless interface will help reduce that amount.

"Construction workers usually need to remove items from a site very quickly and they may also need to source materials within a tight time frame. The ARRnetwork's wireless version offers these workers, who seldom have computers on site, online access to the service via a WAP-enabled mobile phone," King explained.

Nicholas Brazil, business development manager of Bailey Bailey & Bailey, said that the wireless technology allows a mobile phone user to browse the Internet through a small text-based environment that works best in time-critical and location-critical services.

"The mobile phone is now as important to the construction and demolition industry as a hammer or saw," he added.

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