Team up to turn on wireless enterprise: Ovum

Wireless network operators and application vendors need to start talking to one another if they want to make the most of the wireless enterprise market, according to consultants Ovum.

Neil Ward-Dutton, research director, e-infrastructure at Ovum, said mobile application vendors need to team up with the cellular data services operators to produce seamless solutions that make it easier for businesses to implement wireless technologies.

Jessica Figueras, analyst at Ovum, said that both groups will have to change their current game plan if they want to make the most of the market. Software vendors will need to develop applications that can work with network delivered services, while operators need to make it easier for businesses to integrate wireless data connectivity into their existing infrastructure.

James Spring, IT manager for AMP business group, IT@AMP, believes that wireless is going to be "the next paradigm shift for IT". However, he does not believe that large financial institutions like AMP will latch onto 3G (third generation wireless) in the first instance.

At present, AMP employs wireless technologies in the form of SMS system failure alerts, and Spring believes this could be utilised even more within the organisation, rather than WAP technology.

"SMS is totally underrated because everybody has access to it at the moment. But with wireless technologies such as WAP, mobile Internet and GPRS, you need a new piece of hardware, and that's a limitation," he said.

"At the moment we have a lot of gaps in our customer relationships, so we can see a need [for wireless technologies]," he said.

Spring said AMP is piloting a wireless LAN, and is also investigating the option of workflow messaging for customers, as well as wireless access to e-mail and address books.

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