SunForum provides data and VoIP

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday announced the latest version of SunForum software for thin clients. The new version, SunForum 3.2, integrates video, data conferencing and VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), Sun said in a release.

The enhanced functions allow users to do video conferences as well as place and receive phone calls using a Sun Ray appliance, a Sun UltraSparc-based workstation or a PC, Sun said.

SunForum 3.2 software, which runs on a server, is designed to make it easier for a group of employees to share applications, collaborate on an electronic whiteboard and share files. It incorporates the H.323 video and T.120 data standards, and the VoIP application is supported by Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc., Sun said.

SunForum 3.2 also complements Sun Ray appliance's Hot Desking technology, which is designed to allow users to move their desktop session without interruption and place or receive phone calls from any Sun Ray appliance connected to the server group.

SunForum 3.2 is available for free and can be accessed at

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